Karisma is a curated coliving space where entrepreneurship, personal growth, life experiences and community unite

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Every kreator is carefully selected to create a collaborative and empowering living experience for you to excel, push limitations, uncover new perspectives and turn ideas into reality.


Kreators you could be living with

We kreators take the one life we have into our own hands to create our dream lives. Our community consists not only of entrepreneurs but also content creators, coaches, podcast hosts, authors, musicians, adventurers and those who dare to pursue their most authentic calling.

Gui Perdrix
President of Co-Liv
Founder of Art of Co
Author of Art of Coliving
Maris Kohv
Founder of
Borderless Retreats
Chris Reynolds
Founder of M3 Entrepreneurs
Host of The Business Method Podcast
Mila & Zsolt Kallos
Co-Founders of
Jordan Carroll
The Remote Job Coach
Author of Remote For Life
Kristen Zupancic
Founder of Plot Twist Placemaking
COO of Co-Liv

Where the magic happens

While you create, grow and connect, we take care of everything else.

The penthouse coliving space you'll live and work in is equipped with everything you need and designed with productivity, cozyness and wellbeing in mind.

Only 15min from the city center, our space is located in Gracia – one of Barcelona's hippest areas, famous for its lively artistic community and alternative scene.

What's included

We go above and beyond for you

Connect with 150+ kreators in Barcelona

Living at Karisma grants you access to our curated private community with whom we connect in-person every week through one-of-a-kind experiences like these:

"Working remotely is a privilege. Working remotely around people you can grow with in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with authentic food, local connections and lots of fun is bliss! My time at Karisma gave me the creative edge and contact to a skilled cameraman to start a short movie project which means a lot to me. Thanks Marc and thx Karisma! See u soon!!"
– Benno 🇩🇪

"Karisma opens up the potential to connect and create in a beautiful coliving environment. Expect shared workspaces, cooking meals together, optional evening programming and a house full of like-minded people to meet. I'll definitely come back to Karisma!"
– Kristen 🇨🇦

"I recently had the privilege of enjoying the Karisma co-living experience full of incredible memories, beautiful places and a wonderful group of people, including both the residents and the locals we met there. Marc was an excellent host and helped to arrange lots of fun adventures, as well as time for creative conversations. I would definitely recommend checking out Karisma."
– Simon 🇬🇧

"Loved my stay with Karisma! Marc did take great care about our needs. Got inspired through masterminds organized by the hosts as well as the participants and getting connected to my colivers was great :-). Every single one was a unique character happy to share experiences with the others. Overall a great experience!"
– Didi 🇩🇪

"It was a great experience. Very inspiring. I ate healthy, had fun, laughed, met interesting people, learned new things, got involved into very interesting conversations and got inspired. What else?"
– Noémie 🇫🇷

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