You become who you surround yourself with

Every member is carefully selected. We may be exclusive when it comes to building our community, but once inside, inclusivity is the name of the game.

Karisma's mission is creating intentional coliving spaces and experiences for us to excel, push limitations, uncover new perspectives and turn dreams into reality through collective acceleration.

Some of our kreators

Gui Perdrix
President of Co-Liv
Founder of Art of Co
Author of Art of Coliving
Maris Kohv
Founder of
Borderless Retreat
Chris Reynolds
Founder of M3 Entrepreneurs
Host of The Business Method Podcast
Mila & Zsolt Kallos
Co-Founders of KallosSoft.com
Jordan Carroll
The Remote Job Coach
Author of Remote For Life
Kristen Zupancic
Founder of Plot Twist Placemaking
COO of Co-Liv

Local living

Discover the true Barcelona lifestyle.

Barcelona is our home. We've picked for you the most premium and authentic location that's far away from all the tourist traps. We'll share with you all the local hidden gems, connect you to fascinating local kreators and help you with anything you need so you can soon be another local yourself.


Stay as long as you’d like.

If you don’t want to waste money on Airbnb or hotels, be stuck in a long-term lease or share a flat with complete strangers, come stay with us for however much time you need. A minimum stay of 1 month is required to fully connect with your fellow kreators and immerse yourself in your new home city.


1 bill, 0 headaches, all you need.

Living at Karisma has never been more convenient and stress-free. Being remote-working kreators ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find a space abroad that feels like home and without any compromises. We have prioritized comfort, wellbeing and productivity.


Become unstoppable at what you do.

Get ready to do groundbreaking work and unleash your creativity. We provide you with all the main tools to start your business, create high quality content and bring ideas to life. This is a space where creation and growth happen.

We go above and beyond for you

Our objective is to foster genuine connection. We believe there's no better way to do it than through shared experiences. By joining our spaces, you’ll have access to one-of-a-kind adventures and experiences, which are either organized by us or co-created by the community.
We’re onboard with any of your crazy ideas.

The world is our playground

What else should we do next?

Coliving retreats in Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Greece, etc.
Cercle-style musical events & festivals
Wim Hof-style or spiritual retreats
Personal growth events & seminars
Adventure trips (campervan, surfing, skiing, sailing...)
Expert talks, masterminds & skillshares
Groovy networking events
Authentic local experiences (Camino de Santiago, San Fermines, gastronomy...)
Whatever the community desires...

Are you one of us?

Joining our spaces grants you automatic access to our community. Your membership is the key not just to our spaces but also to our local and international experiences as well as global community. Embark with us on this exciting journey and let's build our dream lives together.

Become a member

We're much more than just a house. That's why we're working on a membership program to give you full access to our community, experiences and exclusive benefits without needing to stay with us.


Become a co-owner

We want to co-create the future of Karisma together with our community. Help us make our wildest dreams come true in exchange for a piece of the pie, unique rewards and governance rights.


Then join us.

Join the waitlist to get priority access and be the first to know about when and where we open, what our space looks like, pricing, upcoming experiences and much much more.

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