The Karisma way of living

As children and young adults, we are taught to conform to certain codes of behavior and ways of doing things. We learn that being different comes with a social price. But there is a greater price to pay for slavishly conforming: we lose the power that comes from individuality, from a way of doing things that is authentically our own. We live like everyone else which makes us predictable and conventional.

We believe that life without some other meaning than the day to day routine isn't worth it, or there's just not enough lasting joy and meaning there. We have one life and, thus, our biggest horror is the potential inconsequence of a life lived unconsciously from day to day.

Karisma is born from the relentless desire to take life into our own hands and create our own destinies. We Kreators come together and empower each other to live an authentic and meaningful life. We dare to take risks and challenge the norm because what we regret most are the chances we never took.

Abundance and meaning are to be found in the quality of our relationships. As committed as we our to our path and our self-growth, we are grateful to life and are aware of the impact of our actions. Working hard to give back is as important as doing what you love. Happiness is only real when shared.

Are you a kreator?

We Kreators are humans who create our own path in alignment with our beliefs and authentic selves, even when that means swimming against the current. We are passionate and courageous to take the leap and follow our hearts, while being mindful of the impact of our actions.

In that way, a Kreator is not only the entrepreneur. We are also the content creators, artists, coaches, designers, athletes, scientists, philosophers, authors, musicians… you name it. Labels are not what define us.

We are united in believing that we have the power to create our own destiny by taking life into our own hands, breaking the status quo, and living an honest and aligned lifestyle. The following poem illustrates our essence better than any lengthy definition:

Karisma Kreators, rare creatures we are,

Who have chosen to follow our hearts,

For if we see life as the miracle it is,

We will strive to make it a masterpiece.

We savor every second, enjoy work and play,

Making meaningful memories along the way.

For life we only have one,

So understand what you value and want,

Be open-minded to experience, challenge, and try,

Unloose your chains, explore, and fly.

Come join us in a magical coliving adventure,

If you feel that’s where your soul wants to enter

Listen to yourself, don’t fall prey to fear,

Be brave and follow the dreams that are most dear,

Make sure your actions are authentic and sincere,

Dear Kreator, we are Karisma and are waiting for you here

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